W.L. (Bill) Woods
Senior Ergonomics Engineer


B.S., Zoology ,1970
University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, 1974
University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona

Masters  Program  1977-78 – Aero Space Mechanical Engineering
University of Arizona concurrent with
Internship in Clinical Engineering University of Arizona Health Sciences Center Tucson, Arizona

Certified Haz-Mat team(1910.120) technician and Incident Commander   
22 years from 1984 through 2006

Certified 1st Responder CPR and AED use 22 years from 1984 to 2006

RRCRA certification 2001 Certified Ergonomic Analysis Specialist, CEAS 2007

Bill Woods has over 30 years of experience working in Biomedical Engineering, Ergonomics and Safety. 
His professional career started at the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center by contributing to research grants and as a member of the Biomedical Engineering Department that supported the teaching hospital.  Here he interned as a part of a medical team consisting of Physicians, Nurses, Occupational and Physical Therapists, Psychologists and Medical Educators.

His tenure at the Teaching Hospital Medical school included; working on the floors as a Clinical Engineer, helping specify and repair hospital equipment and consulting with Physicians and Therapists as to what should be built to support and improve their function and health and the independent function of patients with physical limitations. Mr. Woods worked with Occupational Therapists on Ergonomic projects that created devices for the Hospital and patients’ home environments.  He also developed a unique set of research tools and concepts to help quantify human performance and function in public buildings.

For these efforts he was awarded: a patent for testing blood pressure measuring domes, special awards from the Easter Seal Society, Arizona Occupational Therapy Association, the Paralyzed Veterans Association of Arizona and a special letter of recognition for “the most innovative research project “ from the National Institute of Health in 1984.
He was also an invited to speak to the National meeting of the Easter Seal Society and the United Nations Special Conference during the year of the Disabled. (1981)

Since 1984 Mr. Woods has worked 15 years for Hewlett Packard, 6 years for Agilent Technologies and most recently for Avago Technologies.  In each of these companies, Mr. Woods has been assigned to be a Global or Corporate Ergonomics Content expert as well as a site EHS specialist.   He has consulted with Manufacturing and Office Sites in Europe (England, Scotland, Germany, France and Spain) the US (east and west coast sites and Puerto Rico) and most recently in China (Shanghai and Beijing sites).  He helped write Corporate Ergonomic Programs, developed innovative analysis tools, set up Ergo Teams and ways to do long distance training and job assessments using net meeting, digital or video tape and the telephone. 

Project Experience


Program Development:

Wrote or co-authored the Ergonomics Program and standards for Hewlett Packard, Agilent and Avago Technologies sites through out the US, Europe and Asia. (1984-2006)

Training Projects:

Developed on-line and classroom training for these companies in Office, Manufacturing, Back Care and Lifting as well as New Product Design and DFx. (1984-2006)

Work Place Auditing and Assessment Experience

Developed Office, Manufacturing and Engineering Design (DFx) Assessment Forms and checklists for Hewlett Packard, Agilent Technologies and Avago Technologies
Conducted thousands of ergonomic assessments of homes, offices, manufacturing workstations plus technician and field engineering tasks. (1974-2007)

Ergo Tool Design 

Designed, tested and installed tools and techniques to reduce or eliminate functional and ergonomic risk factors from office, manufacturing and material handling jobs.
Initiated classes and self assessment forms to allow engineers and others to pro-actively spot risk factors in their designs or working environments when it is cheapest and easiest to fix; before someone is hurt.  

Medical Industry:

Legal Experience:

Expert Witness Testimony for 3 cases.   

EHS/Safety Project Experience:

Educational Institution Support: 

Employment History:

Avago Technologies – Fort Collins, Colorado
Corporate Ergonomics Program Lead
Site Ergonomist
Safety Team and Emergency Planning Coordinator
2005 to 2006

Agilent Technologies – Fort Collins, Colorado

Corporate Global Manufacturing Ergonomics Lead
Site Ergonomist
Safety Team and Emergency Planning Coordinator

Hewlett Packard Corporations – Fort Collins, Colorado
Corporate Ergonomics Content Expert
Site Ergonomist
Safety Team and Emergency Planning Coordinator

University of Arizona Health Sciences Center- Tucson, Arizona
Clinical / Bio-Medical and Rehabilitation Engineer
Principle Investigator 3 Government Research Grants:


University of Arizona Health Sciences Center- Tucson, Arizona
Home Modification Self Help Aid Specialist NIH Grant: “The Arthritis Services Program”

Professional Affiliations