Brian Hovendon, CIH Project Manager


BA, Biology, Franklin Pierce College, 1979
Post-graduate course work in Industrial Hygiene/Toxicology,
Clarkson College 8/82-5/83


Certified Industrial Hygienist, 1993, Re-certified in 1999
Philadelphia Asbestos Project Inspector
Philadelphia Asbestos Investigator
Philadelphia Analytical Testing Laboratory for Individual PCM Analysis
New York Asbestos Inspector
New Jersey Asbestos Safety Technician
New Jersey Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor for Housing/Public Buildings


Mr. Hovendon has 19 years of experience encompassing:

  • Industrial Hygiene Investigations
  • Indoor Air Quality Survey Assessments
  • Asbestos Investigations and Assessments
  • Construction Safety and Training
  • Lead Investigations and Assessments


    Key Projects by Specialty

    Mr. Hovendon is a certified industrial hygienist (CIH) with over 19 years of experience in industrial hygiene, asbestos, construction safety, training, and lead management. He has extensive asbestos and lead experience in surveys & assessments, abatement design and specifications, third party monitoring, and development of operations and maintenance programs. Mr. Hovendon's project management skills are extremely keen due to his involvement with high profile clients and projects that range up to $500,000 and include buildings up to 1.3 million square feet in size.

    Asbestos and Lead-based Paint, Philadelphia Newspapers, Philadelphia, PA. Mr. Hovendon managed this project from both a technical and financial based during a 4-year demolition and renovation project. This project required continuous communications with client and contractors to ensure that there are no time delays that could increase the cost of the project as well as effect production. This project is unique in that abatement and demolition were conducted with employees in adjacent areas. As such, there were also continuous concerns regarding construction safety, indoor air quality, dust, odors, asbestos, lead, PCBs etc. Mr. Hovendon also addressed many environmental issues that include TCLP testing of building materials and materials from printing areas.

    Asbestos Awareness Training Program, Confidential Client, Philadelphia, Pa. As part of the OSHA asbestos standard, Mr. Hovendon has developed and conducted training for this client. Training included both train-the-trainer as well as training specific employees. This course was two to four hours in length.

    Asbestos Surveys through Abatements, Confidential Client, N.J. Mr. Hovendon managed the needs of this client for about 5 years. The goals of this client were to removal all asbestos throughout the entire facility, 1.3 million square feet. The services Mr. Hovendon provided with his team of professionals include: surveys & assessments, construction safety, abatement design and specifications, and third party monitoring.

    Asbestos Abatement Design and Third Party Monitoring Confidential Client, New Jersey. Mr. Hovendon has managed asbestos consulting services for this client throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Projects have included design of asbestos abatement for removal of 40,000 square feet of fireproofing from and occupied building, managing quality assurance monitoring during multiple phases of work in many buildings over a three-year time period. The total project value has exceeded $400,000. Mr. Hovendon routinely reviews contractor work plans in preparation of abatement projects. He also manages industrial hygiene monitoring to assess personnel exposures in shops and maintenance facilities.


    American Industrial Hygiene Association - National and Philadelphia Section Member

    2004 Ergonomic Technologies Corporation