Bruce R. Cunningham, CIE

OBJECTIVE: Health, Safety, and Ergonomic Consultant/Direct Contract Employee, where accountability, innovative problem solving techniques, conceptualization, analytical and communication skills will contribute to effective business solutions and increased profitability.

BACKGROUND SUMMARY: Extensive experience in the manufacturing sector where efforts resulted in an approximate 60 percent reduction in recordable sprain, strain, and repetitive stress injuries and subsequent estimated health care cost savings annual savings for the site ~ $750K. With emphasis in Ergonomics, Work Process Analysis, Safety, and Wellness issues to include:

  • Extensive experience in reduction of sprain, strain, and cumulative trauma disorders.
  • Integrated human factor considerations with Behavioral Based Safety Programs, Root Cause Analysis Investigations, Design Engineering and Craft Teams for superior safety performance.
  • Extensive experience working within Union Environments.

  • Ergonomics training, development and delivery
  • Process automation development and implementation
  • Workstation design enhancement
  • Consulting for sprain, strain and cumulative trauma injuries
  • Six Sigma*- Office Ergonomic Task Force
  • Overhead cost minimization
  • Six Sigma*- Emergency Response Team Fitness Program Development
  • Merger/Acquisition, transition process expertise
  • UT School of Public Health, guest speaker, Ergonomics and Health Promotion
  • Industrial Construction - multicraft
  • Texas A&M Safety Symposium, presenter ergonomics
  • Craftsman experience -boilermaker
  • Budget planning and preparation
  • Data management process
  • Back injury reduction programs
  • Research Assoc. - Environmental Toxicology
  • Coronary vascular programs
  • Research Assoc. - Marine Biology
  • Retail Management
  • *Statistically Driven Problem Solving Methodology

    PROFESSIONAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Conceptualized, developed and implemented the first ergonomic program for a major Chemical Manufacturing facility that set the standard and ultimately was instituted corporate wide. Efforts resulted in an approximate 60 percent reduction in recordable sprain, strain, and repetitive stress injuries with work process improvements and subsequent estimated health care cost savings annual savings for the site ~ $750K. Developed and implemented a site wellness program that significantly reduced coronary vascular disease health care costs (estimated annual savings for the site ~ $400K) and improved employee moral.

    Regional Wellness Coordinator;
    Dow Chemical Company/ Union Carbide Corporation (UCC) Texas City. Responsible for implementation/integration of Dow's and UCC's ergonomics and wellness programs into the seven Houston area "New Dow" sites. An Ergonomic Subject Matter Expert with global scope (2000 - 2002).

    Corporate Ergonomist/Site Wellness Director: Union Carbide Corporation, Texas City, Texas. Developed and managed site's wellness and ergonomics program. UCC's Global Ergonomic Subject Matter Expert. Team lead responsible for the conceptualization, development and implementation of a pilot manufacturing ergonomic program which was migrated to all UCC domestic sites; developed Office Ergonomic program which was migrated to all UCC global sites.

    Developed and implemented site Wellness Program which was nationally recognized, ISO registered, and subsequently migrated to other domestic UCC sites. (1984 - 2000) (1984 - 1996 consultant to UCC)
    Responsible for 4 staff members: $350K annual budget.

    Research Associate; Marine Biology and Environmental Toxicology for Texas A&M University and The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas. Responsible for sample acquisition, processing, data analysis and summary report writing (1981 - 1984)

    EDUCTIONAL BACKGROUND: MA, Behavioral Science, University of Houston , Clear Lake, Clear Lake City, Texas

    ADDITIONAL EDUCATION AND CERTIFICATIONS: BS, Marine Biology, Texas A&M University, Galveston, Texas
    Continuing education from the University of Michigan and University of Cincinnati in ergonomic courses.
    CIE - Certified Industrial Ergonomics
    Emergency Response Team - Rope Rescue Team

    PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS: Human Factors and Ergonomic Society - Full Member

    MILITARY SERVICE: Army Special Forces - Operations and Intelligence, Demolitions, Combat Medic, Preventive Medicine Specialist

    2004 Ergonomic Technologies Corporation