Rick Esposito, CPE

Professional Experience Summary

Background includes over 16 years of experience in conducting industrial and office
ergonomic assessments and analyses, as well as designing ergonomic operator stations.
Worked to identify and control ergonomic risk factors in office, laboratory, industrial,
packaging assembly line, warehouse, and semiconductor tool-manufacturing settings.

Project Experience

Material Handling
Completed ergonomic assessments at warehouses (retail) performing pallet loading in
staging and loading dock areas. Also assessed production workstations at a fruit packing
plant. Evaluated processes per ergonomic published standards and NIOSH lifting equation
to determine safe lifts. Detailed reports were written documenting ergonomic analyses and
recommendations with photos illustrating injury risk factors.

Biotech Industry
Accomplished office ergonomic assessments, chair fittings, ordered keyboard trays and
chairs. During evaluations instructed personnel on good ergonomic practices. Wrote brief
reports (one page) documenting the ergonomic analyses and recommendations.

-Lab and Packaging Manufacturing
Performed ergonomic assessments in the lab on pipette workstation, animal inspection
station, medium handling (liquid, tablets, 55 lb. bags and barrels), and vial packaging
assembly line. Completed detailed reports documenting analyses and data collection.

Semiconductor Industry
-Semiconductor Wafer Manufacturing
Conducted ergonomic assessments on manual and automated semiconductor manufacturing
workstations. Assessments included inspecting microscope inspection stations, wet sinks,
testing tools, wafer manufacturing tools, collecting data on tasks performed for operation,
and analyzing data for the effects of posture, force, duration and frequency. Developed
concept sketches to suggest possible features for tools to solve musculoskeletal risk factors.

-Semiconductor Tool Manufacturing
Performed ergonomic assessments on semiconductor manufacturing tools for several clients.
Evaluated to the ergonomic standards required in SEMI S2-0200, which includes the SEMI
S8 standard. Assessments have included inspecting tools, collecting data on tasks performed
for operation, maintenance and unplanned service of tools, and analyzing data for the effects of posture,
force, duration and frequency. Assessments were performed using the Supplier
Ergonomic Success Criteria (SESC) checklist contained in SEMI S8, the NIOSH lifting
equation to determine safe lifts, and other published standards. Assessments of systems
have included evaluation of lifting heavy components, awkwardness of access to perform
operations/lifts, etc. During design reviews, provided recommendations for bringing
ergonomic issues into conformance with standards and safe ergonomic activities. In the
design consultation role, reviewed manuals and provided outlines for procedures that can be
performed safely while meeting requirements. Collected data and wrote detailed ergonomic
reports documenting semiconductor-manufacturing tool analyses.

City Government
-Waste Water Treatment Operations
Conducted ergonomic evaluations of the City of San Jose’s waste-water treatment plant.
Reviewed worker compensation claims and developed a matrix analysis so common injuries,
root causes, and frequencies could be determined. Assessed heavy lifting tasks in the
pretreatment building for the effects of posture and force upon personnel. Submitted
detailed reports documenting the findings and recommendations.

Defense Industry
-Military Vehicle Manufacturing
Conducted ergonomic assessments, evaluated data, determined personnel at high risk of
musculoskeletal injuries, and designed operator stations in heavy industrial-equipment
setting. Led a team in developing an office ergonomic guide for safety monitors. This
included ergonomic assessment questionnaires, workstation analysis forms, figures showing
proper posture, and forms for ordering equipment. Performed workstation analyses on highrisk
personnel initially, and then on medium-risk computer users.

Employment History
2002 to Present – Bureau Veritas/Clayton Group – Pleasanton, California, Sr. Ergonomist
2001 to 2002 - Independent Ergonomics Consultant – San Jose, California, Ergonomist
2000 to 2001 - Earth Tech Microelectronics – San Jose, California, Ergonomist
1978 to 1998 - FMC Corporation/United Defense – Santa Clara, California Ergonomist / Sr. Mechanical Designer

Education: B.S., Industrial Design, 1970, San Jose State University – San Jose, California

Professional Certification: CPE, Certified Professional Ergonomist, Board of Certification
in Professional Ergonomics (Seattle, Washington), 1995

Professional Affiliations: Bay Area Ergonomics Roundtable (BAER), American Industrial
Hygiene Association (AIHA)