More than 27 years experience in Occupational health and hygiene programs for companies with experience for operations in 43 countries. Managed IH/OH program development, industrial hygiene assessments, medical surveillance, public health issues, IH resources, training, compliance with the country specific regulations for domestic and International projects in US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Cuba, Singapore, Turkey, Bangladesh, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Africa, UK, India, etc. Speaks and writes Hindi (East Indian) and Gujarati languages.


Occupational Health
Environmental Health


HSE Management


Born: January 15, 1952-Ahmedabad, India
Bachelor of Science, Science, University of Gujarat, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, 1972
Master of Science, Analytical Chemistry, University of Gujarat, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, 1974
Masters in Public Health, Industrial Hygiene, University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston, Texas, 1985
Doctors of Philosophy, Air Pollution, University of Gujarat, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, 1978
Certified Industrial Hygienist, (CIH), ABIH # 4217, 1989
Registered Environmental Manager (REM)
Certified Environmental Auditor (CEA)
Radiation Safety Officer (RSO)
Certified Indoor Air Quality Consultant (CIAQC) by AIAQC
National member of American Association of Industrial Hygiene (AIHA)
Diplomat of American Academy of Industrial Hygiene (AAIH)
Married, Two Children
US Citizen


Ergonomic Technologies Corporation
4/06 - Current
Halliburton KBR
02/94 to Current
Northwest Envirocon, Inc.
1 Year
Simpson Pasadena Paper Company
12 Years
University Of Texas Medical Branch
1 Year
Physical Research Laboratory
1 Years

Ergonomic Technologies Corporation

Halliburton KBR Feb. 1994 to April 2006
Director, Industrial Hygiene & Occupational health, Energy & Chemical, KBR, a division of Halliburton Company
Provided corporate support to G & I and E & C divisions of KBR for managing health and hygiene issues for projects and offices located in 40 countries. July 2005 to Present

Sr. Corporate HSE Manager, Occupational Hygiene & Heath, KBR, a division of Halliburton Company
Responsible for Occupational health and hygiene program for KBR with operations in 43 countries. Responsible for IH/OH program development, industrial hygiene assessments, medical surveillance, public health issues, IH resources, training, compliance with the country specific regulations for domestic and International projects in US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Cuba, Singapore, Turkey, Bangladesh, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Africa, UK, India, etc. Maintain technical competency (SME) for Asbestos, Lead, Ergonomics, and Indoor Air Quality. Manage direct and indirect reports, budget, strategy, and help reduce medical cost. 2003-June 2005

HSE Manager, Environmental & Health, Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR), a division of Halliburton Company, HSE Department
Provided environmental, industrial hygiene and occupational health support to KBR projects and offices. Responsibilities included personal exposure assessments, exposure monitoring, IH/OH training, program development, ergonomics, IAQ etc. Technical consultant to project QC/Safety Managers for projects and offices. Provided HSE support to Management and Engineering division with 10 offices in US. Evaluate bids and proposals to manage HSE issues in compliance with the applicable HSE regulations and inherent liabilities. Provided HSE support to International Projects in Turkey, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Qatar, Singapore, and Balkans. 1998 2003

Senior Industrial Hygienist, Halliburton Shared Services, Industrial Hygiene Technical Pool
Responsible for providing industrial hygiene support to Brown & Root Services Corporation, Landmark Graphics, and Highway & Paving group of Brown & Root Engineering & Construction business unit. Responsible for developing ergonomics culture in Halliburton and provide proactive ergonomics support to various Brown & Root and Halliburton business units. 1996 1998

Industrial Hygienist, Brown & Root Environmental, a division of Brown & Root, Inc, a division of Halliburton
Responsible for providing Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Health support to several offices and projects throughout USA. Developed H & S plans, industrial hygiene assessments, audits, and technical support for state and Federal NPL sites remediation. 1994-1996

Northwest Envirocon, Inc. (1 Year)

Manager of Environmental and Industrial Hygiene Services (1992 - 1993)
Provided technical support to clients and professional and field staff of eight offices located nationwide working at several commercial and manufacturing facilities. Development, review, and approval of health and safety plans for industrial and commercial abatement and remediation projects. Provided training to company employees and clients. Conducted Industrial Hygiene monitoring, training, surveys and audits in addition to Phase I, and II, environmental site assessments.

Simpson Pasadena Paper Company (12 Years)

Senior Environmental Engineer (1988-1992)
Responsible for ensuring mill compliance with applicable state and federal environmental and occupational health regulations via development and implementation of programs. Activities included:

  • Area and personal workplace monitoring, walk-through surveys, audits, and sampling strategy development for Cl2, ClO2, CH3SH, CCl4, CHCl3, Hg, Pb, HCHO, wood and nuisance dust, welding fumes, noise, measurements, Hazcom training, etc. Also responsible for investigating indoor air quality/sick building syndrome complaints, and prepared Laboratory Chemical Hygiene Plans.

  • Reviewed current and proposed environmental and OSHA regulations. Advised Environmental and Safety Superintendents and Technical Director regarding proposed and promulgated regulations. Also responsible for all industrial hygiene related activities for the mill, such as abatement conferences with OSHA officers, evaluations, and installation of workplace Cl2, H2S, and SO2 area monitors, MSDS preparation, internal audits, training, etc.

  • Coordinated underground storage tank removal and remediation activities in compliance with EPA and OSHA regulations.

  • Reviewed respiratory protection, noise conservation, and health and safety plans and procedures for the mill and IH support to other mills on existing and new facilities. Provided asbestos abatement project supervision, area and personal monitoring, and PCM/TEM clearance testing for industrial and commercial facilities.

  • Prepared annual SARA Title III, Section 312 (Tier I & II), Section 313 (Form R) Toxic Release Reports for 1987-1991, and represented mill in LEPC, CAER, and CIMA meetings. Involved in regulatory development process via representing industry interest directly and through trade associations. Experienced in dealing with company legal staff and regulatory agencies on a daily basis.

  • Prepared annual PCB compliance reports and Hazardous Waste Summary reports for 1987-1991 for the mill. Also responsible for solid/hazardous waste disposal, waste reduction, and waste recycling activities via MSDS management and training programs.

  • Coordinated Annual Texas Water Commission, EPA NPDES and solid/hazardous waste inspections; Texas Air Control Board and EPA SIP inspections. No major deficiencies were found during 1987-1991 inspections.

  • Coordinated activities to achieve PSD and TACB permits for new gas fired boilers, and permits and exemptions for major modifications and capital projects such as Bleach plant, ClO2 plant, Brown Stock Washing Facility, etc. Also prepared TWC and EPA permit renewal applications for storm water discharge, and TACB permit renewal for existing permitted facilities. Familiar with new Clean Air Act Amendments and Storm water regulations.

    Environmental Laboratory Supervisor, Simpson Pasadena Paper Company (1986 - 1988)

    Supervised four environmental technicians performing routine and special environmental testing for compliance with applicable air, wastewater, and solid/hazardous waste regulations. Managed fiber and chemical loss program, which involved TSS, BOD, TOC, Trace Metals, and Sulfur analysis. Coordinated activities to manage 10% increase in workload and 30% reduction in overtime via employee training and team approach. Scheduled work assignments for laboratory personnel, developed procedure manuals, arranged and conducted training, performance evaluation, interview, communication and safety meetings, etc.

    Senior Environmental Quality Assurance Chemist, Simpson Pasadena Paper Company (1980 - 1986)

    Developed Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) Systems for TRS, SO2, O2 with a preventive maintenance program. Four systems in operation with automatic blank calibration cycles. Gained hands-on experience using GC, AA, TOC Analyzer, and UV-Visible Spectrophotometer. Coordinated and conducted stack testing and workplace monitoring program for particulate, TRS, SO2, NOx, O2, VOC's, CO, Cl2, ClO2, and certifications of CEMS.

    University Of Texas Medical Branch (1 Year)

    Laboratory Technician
    Separated Alpha-1-Antitrypsin (A1A) from human blood plasma and liver using liquid, paper, column, and thin layer chromatography, and modification study to correlate deficiency of (A1A) with Emphysema using UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, gel filtration and electrophoresis techniques. 1979 - 1980

    Physical Research Laboratory (1 Year)

    Research Scientist
    Developed ambient air monitoring program for particulate, NOx, SOx, Pb, ambient corrosion study for metals, soil and wastewater testing, etc. 1977 - 1978

    2004 Ergonomic Technologies Corporation