ErgoWiz Ergonomics Consulting Network

Ergonomics Technologies Corporation is dedicated to providing its clients with the highest quality ergonomics recommendations in a timely and cost-effective manner. To achieve this, we have developed an network of ergonomics, health, safety and occupational risk management consultants throughout the United States and abroad to deliver our ergonomics services. By hiring ETC, you get the advantages of 20 years of cross industry experience and advanced technology while at the same time enjoying the convenience of a local ergonomist to serve your needs. The Ergowiz network includes expertise from all major disciplines including ergonomics, biomechanics, industrial hygiene, safety, industrial engineer and many others. Most of our consultants have obtained the highest professional status in their fields including Certified Safety Professional (CSP), Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE). and Certified Industrial Hygienest (CIH).

Geographical distribution is provided for current ErgoWiz members on the map below. Click on a marker to view our ergonomics team in that state. Those marked with an asterik (*) are current members of the ETC Scientific Advisory Board.


ETC Ergonomic Consultants

Andrea S. Baptiste, MA, OT, CIE
Charles Barnhart, CIH
Valerie Beecher, MS
LuAnn Bellis
Stephen Bennett, BS*
Karl L. Bossung, BA
Donna Brewer, PTA, CEES, CEAS
Colin J.Brigham, CIH, CSP, CPE, CPEA
Kennith D. Brock, CSP*
Daniel Bruun, CIH
Stephen Burchill, MS
Marise Carroll, PT, CEAS
Ian Chong, CPE
George Chuckrow, CPE, CSP 
Linda Cocchiarella, MD, MSc
Clarence L. Coston M.A., C.S.P., MIOSH

Bruce R. Cunningham, MA, CIE
Marty Dagostino, MS, CPE
David Dixon, Ph.D.
Bruce Donato, CSP, CECD
Sudhir Desai, Ph.D., CIH, CIAQC, RSO
James Dewees, MS, CPE, CEES
Lee A. DeYoung, ASP
Gary Downey, PE, ATP, CPE
Sue Drecktrah, PT, MBA, CIE, ATP
Deborah Enix, MPH, OTR/L, CEES
J. Grant Esler, MPH, CIH, CSP, CPE
Richard Esposito, CPE
Fay Feeney, CSP, ARM
Jeffrey E Fernandez, PhD, PE, CPE 
John Ficke, Jr., CIH
Joseph A. Fox, CIE, MBA, BME
Rick D. Fulwiler, SCD, CIH, CSHM
Paul P. George, MA
Linda Guarascio-Howard, Ph.D., C.S.P., C.I.E.
Philip Hagan, JD, MBA, MPH, ARM, CIH, CHMM*
Mark A. Heidebrecht, MSE, ACSM, CEA
John L. Henshaw, M.P.H
Dr. Roland Hosein Ph.D*
Brian Hovendon, CIH
Kathryn Kelly Ingram, MPT
Hart R. Kaudewitz, Ph.D.
John T. Kester, CSP, CIE
Zachory Koutsandreas, CPEE
Sheila Krawczyk, Ph. D., CPE
John R LaCourse, Ph.D., CPE, CEES*
Dean Lamborn, CIH
Tom Leamon, Ph.D. CPE
Janice Serafine Lilien, MS
Jennifer McMullen, MS,CPE
Dan MacLeod, MA, MPH, CPE*
Camille Major,MSIE, MBA, CBSS, CPE
Rixio Enrique Medina, CSP, CPP*
Jane Monagle, OTR/L
>Kim Monroe, Ph.D., C.P.E.
Valerie Morales, MS
Scott A. Millbower, CSP
Reinaldo Millan, BS
Harry M. Neill, CIH
Gary Orr, PE, CPE
Kathryn Parker, MS, CPE
Nicholas Patton, CSP
Garnett Payne, Ph. D.
Brian Peacock, Ph.D. PE, CPE
Eldeen E. Pozniak, BA, BSc, CEES, CHSC, CHSMSA, CRSP
Richard G. Raymer, CSP
David Reinbold, CIH
Kevin Rider, Ph.D, CPE
Henry Romero, Ph. D. CSP, CPE
Dwight A. Salkey, MS, PT
Chitaranjan (Jivan) Saran, PhD, PE, CPE, CHCM
Ignacio Segovia, MA
Jean A. Schiller, M.S.E., CPE, C.P.S.M
Christian M. Schneider, CIH*
Kerith Kristen Stender, MS, CPE

Scott Valorose, MS, CPE
Charles Van Schalkwyk
Brandy Farris Ware, MSE, CPE
Bobbie Watts, Ph. D. MS, CPE
William White, CSP
E. Andrew Wood, PT, MS
Bill Woods, MS
Greg Worrell, Ph. D. CPE
Richard Wotherspoon, MSc

*ETC Scientific Advisory Board


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