Ergonomics in
Aerospace Industry

ETC has over twenty-five years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies, continually keeping their people, manufacturing capabilities, and product designs ahead of the competition. ETC’s services have especially met the needs of the aerospace industry by developing new products and ensuring safer workplaces for their employees. Projects have included:

  • First Class seat design and development, ergonomic specification and validation
  • Business Class seat design and development, ergonomic specification and validation
  • Economy Class seat, ergonomic assessment of design modifications
  • Pressure mapping analysis of aircraft seat cushions
  • Expert review of aircraft seats
  • Ergonomic assessment and redesign of food service carts
  • Assessment of crew rest seats
  • Ergonomic assessment of passenger catering services
  • Review of work procedures in flight attendant manual
  • Analysis of Flight Attendant Injuries
  • Ergonomic assessment of overhead storage bins
  • Ergonomic assessment of Flight Attendant suitcases
  • Ergonomic workplace assessment of baggage handlers
  • Development of a human factors and ergonomic analysis laboratory for cockpit assessment

For more information on Seat Design, please see Industry Experience: Seat Design.


Industry References

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British Airways

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IPTN (Indonesia)

Northwest Airlines

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