Occupational Risk Management

Occupational Risk Management (ORM) was a vision of Ergonomic
Technologies Corp. (ETC). It is a combination of disciplines necessary to increase productivity, enhance quality, and reduce the risk of injuries & fatalities in any working environment. A proactive approach to workplace risk factors, based on prevention, early recognition and change.

The disciplines included in ORM are:
· Ergonomics/Safety/Health/Environmental (ESHE)

ESHE programs are being implemented throughout the world. They are performed without the benefit of combining Ergonomics into the process. Using the ESHE model will save time and money. All programs must have a return on investment and be able to cost justify their existence.

The ISO 18001 is driving awareness to the ORM model and will be adopted forcing companies to incoporate ESHE model. ETC will be the first company to offer a model that can be delivered in any type of working environment.

ETC’s ESHE provides prevention and a real return on investment. ESHE provides specifications for the design of work methodologies, tools and equipment enhancing the user capabilities and recognize the limitations of the aging workforce. If not considered, production, quality and human life will be at risk.

ETC can help your company to implement the ESHE model. ETC has contracted with individuals and companies all over the world that possess the core competencies necessary for EHSE application. These contractors are leaders in their respective fields and are recognized internationally.

To compliment our professional staff, ETC also offers ESHE Director®, an artificially intelligent web based process that mimics the professional staff. Now the risk assessments and solutions are available on a web based process.



ORM Process

  • Corporate audits in ESHE risk assessments

  • Solutions developed for all types of jobs

  • Job descriptions leading to a “return to work” process

  • Full report component including photographs

  • Marketplace exchange for “off the shelf” products that serve as solutions and Personal Protection products for employees.

ORM Goals

  • Increased Productivity and enhanced Quality

  • Reduction of fatalities and injuries

  • Employee health and well being


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