Ergonomics Plan

Before beginning an ergonomics program, large and small companies alike should have a written ergonomics plan. This plan should be in writing and should benchmark the current status of ergonomics in the organization and the steps necessary to improve specific ergonomics problems that have been identified.

A good ergonomics plan will allow a company to successfully manage it's ergonomics effort as well as to measure it's success. By understanding the cost of ergonomics problems today and keeping track of the cost of correcting these problems, it will later be possible to determine what the overall cost-benefit of the ergonomics program was.



  • Facility walk-through

  • Review of all pertinent records – OSHA, medical, workers’ compensation

  • Objective assessment of ergonomic status performed by a Certified Professional Ergonomist

  • Meetings with key management, engineering, safety/health, medical and operations personnel


  • Status Report

  • Policy and procedure guidelines

  • Assessment of workplace interventions and training efforts

  • Identification of risk factors

  • Draft of an ergonomics program/action plan for the company


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