Product, Tool and Equipment Measurement

ETC specializes in the application of measurement based technologies to assess the human response associated with product,tool or equipment design. These analyses can be performed in the ETC Laboratories or onsite at the clients facilities.

The results of these analyses are used to improve the product, tool or equipment for the purpose enhancing user comfort and efficiency while reducing fatigue potential,injury risk and liabilities.

The technologies and methods that we may apply include:

  • muscle effort testing (segmental and whole body)
  • dynamic postural measurement
  • contact pressure mapping
  • whole body and hand/arm vibration analysis
  • 3-D motion tracking, human modeling and biomechanical analysis
  • heart rate monitoring
  • global anthropometric analysis
  • subjective comfort surveys
  • statistical Analysis (correlation and significance)
  • literature and research reviews.

This service could be used for product benchmarking, analyze ergonomic effects of existing products and equipment, as well as new product or equipment design.


Ergonomics in Design

•The application dictates the proper design types

•The design will influence the users long term comfort and product loyalty

•Productivity, Quality and Safety can be affected by product designs

•There are specific guidelines for ergonomic designs



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