Ergonomics Training and Education

Employee training complements efforts to address workplace safety and health problems, including those focused on ergonomic hazards and related concerns.

Ergonomics training may take different forms for various categories of employees. It can range from awareness training for all employees, especially those in suspected problem jobs, to more specialized, intensive training for those expected to undertake job analyses and problem-solving work.

The effectiveness of training greatly depends on the way it is designed and delivered to the target audience. There are many different ways of conducting training today:

  • Using an ergonomist (classroom technique) to conduct training at an onsite or offsite location

  • Utilizing E-training resources on the web developed for a specific industry or customized for your company

  • Purchasing DVDs of specific training modules

  • Purchasing videos or booklets to be handed out to employees

ETC can help you to chose the combination of training modalities that is right for your organizations ergonomics effort and goals.


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