Ergonomic Technologies Corporation (ETC) was formed by advanced degreed engineers and a registered professional nurse with over 50 years combined experience in the application of ergonomics in industry. ETC's intention is to assist our clients in the design work tasks, products and tools that meet the needs of their employees and customers. To meet the challenge of competitive markets for the 21st century, ETC has the technology and capability to provide our clients with the competitive advantage for the future.


ETC specializes in the use of objective measurement systems to analyze human interactive systems. The use of quantitative methods allows ETC to be confident in the validity and appropriateness of our recommendations and solutions.

ETC believes that it is essential to continually improve the methods available for workplace and product assessment that result in a reduction in injuries and operating costs with an increase in productivity. To this end, ETC maintains an active Research and Development effort dedicated to the development and advancement of ergonomic tools and techniques.

This effort has resulted in the conceptualization of several unique measurement devices and software for managing the workplace ergonomics process.

Research and Development

ETC’s active Research and Development is conducted in the ETC labs located in the Corporate Headquarters in NY. All technology is portable and assessments of tools and equipment can be performed at the client site.

ETC has created several unique, patented hardware and software systems for the evaluation and management of tools, equipment and task requirements. ETC continues to improve the scientific methods for applied ergonomics and has the capability of designing and development evaluation and management process for clients.


Cynthia Roth

Cynthia Roth, CEO founded Ergonomic Technologies Corporation in 1993. Cynthia was recently elected Chair of the ASSE Foundation and has lectured at hundreds of companies and conferences on ergonomics. Please join Cynthia at one of her upcoming speaking engagements.








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