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ETC specializes in occupational risk management offering customized services to support your organizations safety and ergonomics management program. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you to reduce discomfort and risk exposure while increasing wellbeing, productivity and competitiveness.

At ETC we customize solutions to fit the individual needs of our clients - from your individual home office through managing the ergonomics processes of Fortune 500 companies. Some of what we do includes:


Let us mitigate the risk exposure in your operations through consultation with our experienced professionals

Let us customize your ergonomics process - a goals oriented plan to incorporate ergonomics in your organization

Let us help design or evaluate your product or tool and ensure the capabilities of the user is accounted for

Our team is available to evaluate your workplace one-on-one or tailor service to your entire organization

Looking to include ergonomics as part of an wholistic risk management or wellness process?

Workplace ergonomics training at all levels including classroom, inline and train-the-trainer

In short: We bring ergonomics and workplace safety to your stakeholders.

Satisfied customers include:


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